Fate Worlds taught me everything I need to know

Well, not really. But the Fate Worlds books do a remarkable job getting you to re-examine Fate and how to apply its rules to a specific game or campaign you’re working on. Fate games take modifications and hacks without issue or complaint, meaning it’s incredibly easy to customize the rules to fit what you’re running without … More Fate Worlds taught me everything I need to know

Fate D&D Aspect Angles

One of the implementations D&D next brought to the table was breaking down characters into four groups of archetypes that could be cobbled together to build your own unique character: class, race, background, and theme/specialty, which determine your starting skills and feats and such. I had some thoughts on applying that to Fate, namely a Fate … More Fate D&D Aspect Angles

Deadlands Recap Session 4 – The One With The Dog

A lot slower session, which will hopefully balance the fire the posse jumped out of and the frying pan they’re heading into. So, a retcon. Zeke’s player decided to retcon the ending of the last session so that Zeke died a heroic death, grappling the werewolf with his last breath, shoving it under the mire … More Deadlands Recap Session 4 – The One With The Dog

Deadlands FATE Recap

So, Deadlands. Three sessions in and we’ve got the rules hacks pretty much nailed down now, namely balancing the initiative system so that the spread didn’t result in either 1.) half the party holding four cards and the other half holding one, or 2.) the entire party holding three to five cards. Our fifth character … More Deadlands FATE Recap

Deadlands Roundup

It’s been a while since I had the free time to post anything, so numerous posts have become backlogged in my mind. They’ll be backlogged a bit further since I wanted to start out my attempt at liveblogging my Deadlands game, and see if that goes to any more fruition than my attempts to liveblog … More Deadlands Roundup

Deadland for FATE – Hucksters

Hucksters are probably the coolest characters to play in Deadlands because of their mystique — they’re like the penultimate manifestation of the con-man gambler, making poker bets against the demonic manitou spirits in order to cast hexes. As such, they rule. (I am pretty biased, since I’ve mostly played Hucksters.) The Huckster calls to the spirits, then … More Deadland for FATE – Hucksters

Deadland for FATE – Card-Based Mechanics

The order of operations always starts with Spades, then Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs in that descending order. In terms of card value, Aces, then the face cards (King, Queen, Jack), then the numerical cards in descending order. Always. Initiative This is one thing I definitely want to keep, especially since it rolled over into Deadlands: … More Deadland for FATE – Card-Based Mechanics