RPG Review: Pathfinder – Distant Worlds

One thing’s for sure, Paizo has kept up an impressive quality level on its world-building supplements, keeping its Chronicles/Campaign Setting books on the same bar as the best 3.5 supplements—and often raising that bar. I found the various 3.x “fluffier” books hit or miss, and got into the habit of avoiding them. So it’s been … More RPG Review: Pathfinder – Distant Worlds

Serpent’s Skull: Racing to Ruin (3) The Terrors of Taizon

The last act of module two turned out to be the shortest; surprisingly, the first part (in Eledar) was nearly as long as the race, which just seemed to buzz by in a couple of sessions. Taizon was a letdown for the players. Part of the problem was that they confused it with Saventh Yhi, … More Serpent’s Skull: Racing to Ruin (3) The Terrors of Taizon

Serpent’s Skull: Racing to Ruin (2) The Race

Leaving Eleder begins the first major railroad section of the Path—choo! cho0! Racin’ the Rails! It’s a linear segment involving a number of set-piece encounters, and however many random encounters that you choose to insert. The goal: get to the ruin (har) of Taizon before everyone else. As written, that’s not as hard as it … More Serpent’s Skull: Racing to Ruin (2) The Race

Pathfinder Conversions: Pack Alpha Quickplate

Continuing on with some simple conversions of the “quick” templates at the back of the Monsternomicons (by Privateer Press, which were awesome, and I wish they’d either made more or updated them for Pathfinder). Next up, the alpha leader. Pretty standard staple template, it’s a good way to make a creature a semi-unique boss or … More Pathfinder Conversions: Pack Alpha Quickplate

Pathfinder Conversion: Deep-Dwelling Quickplate

I loved how Pathfinder simplified templates into the “fast template” format at the end of the book; it freed up a lot of space by compacting the more banal ones (celestial, fiendish, advanced, etc.). I loved them even better when Privateer Press was putting them at the end of their Monsternomicon books. Those were technically … More Pathfinder Conversion: Deep-Dwelling Quickplate