On Reaper’s Bones

It’s that time of year again, when Reaper Miniatures holds Christmas early and runs another Kickstarter for their line of Bones miniatures. In case you live under a rock, Reaper is a company headquartered in Texas that makes miniatures for fantasy and science fiction tabletop gaming. While Reaper’s been one of the industry’s mainstays, and… More On Reaper’s Bones

The Evolution of Adult SFF Television

When I was growing up, science fiction and fantasy TV shows tended to share three main elements: they were usually 1) pure action-adventure affairs; 2) filmed in the abandoned quarries, forests, and subdivisions of Vancouver; and 3) were episodic/monster-of-the-week shows. You know the drill: Hercules, Xena, Sliders, SeaQuest 2032, Stargate: SG-1, The X-Files, Farscape, Andromeda, Bablyon 5,… More The Evolution of Adult SFF Television

A History of Violence – Far Cry 3

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar—sometimes you just want to play a vidya game that’s good-ole-fashioned pure entertainment, something like Blood Dragon or the Shadow Warrior remake. Other times, you may be looking for a more cerebral experience; there’s been a growing trend of first-person shooters that deconstruct or subvert the usual cliches (Spec Ops: The Line comes… More A History of Violence – Far Cry 3

FFC: Gelatinous Cube

These are one of my favorite old-school monsters, and I had a need for some, so I whipped up Fate Freeport stats for my friend the ooze. It’s hard not to like a monster inspired by those quivering cubes of jello you find at cafeterias, one that also functions as a giant scrubbing bubble amoeboid wandering through the dungeon… More FFC: Gelatinous Cube