On Reaper’s Bones

It’s that time of year again, when Reaper Miniatures holds Christmas early and runs another Kickstarter for their line of Bones miniatures. In case you live under a rock, Reaper is a company headquartered in Texas that makes miniatures for fantasy and science fiction tabletop gaming. While Reaper’s been one of the industry’s mainstays, and … More On Reaper’s Bones

Reaper Miniatures Bones

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I’ve never been huge on miniatures for tabletop gaming. I don’t mind a good skirmish battle, so long as it’s not taking the place of a roleplaying session. And I don’t mind using them as visual aids—sometimes it’s just better to know spatial relationships—so long as they’re not a … More Reaper Miniatures Bones

Acrylic Woes

Once upon a time, I really liked painting miniatures, with the hope that I’d use them for my RPGs. I bought one of those Learn to Paint kits from Reaper, and a bunch of cheap miniatures, and a huge selection of Reaper Pro Paints. And while I wouldn’t say I was great at it, I did … More Acrylic Woes

Debasing Old Miniatures (2) Acquisition and Separation

Time to get back to some long-overdue projects, starting with this one. The big advantage of these crappy old miniatures is that they’re common and cheap. Mage Knight and Dreamblade in particular aren’t played often anymore, and the people who play them have by now consolidated the armies/builds they want. Plus, there’s a lot of … More Debasing Old Miniatures (2) Acquisition and Separation