Fate Core and choosing the right Skills for the job

One of the things I’ve picked up over the years has been that some new-to-Fate GMs aren’t really sure how to finagle all the dials—as in, just about every game mechanic is inherently designed to be scalable, and a GM can easily create a certain tone or style of game by setting the dials to whatever degree … More Fate Core and choosing the right Skills for the job

FFC: Gelatinous Cube

These are one of my favorite old-school monsters, and I had a need for some, so I whipped up Fate Freeport stats for my friend the ooze. It’s hard not to like a monster inspired by those quivering cubes of jello you find at cafeterias, one that also functions as a giant scrubbing bubble amoeboid wandering through the dungeon … More FFC: Gelatinous Cube

[Fate Freeport] Robots! – Arachnid Robot

More robots! More! Truth be told I’d been thinking a lot about hacking—and I use that term loosely in this instance since it’s not a huge stretch—hacking Fate Freeport to run something in the vein of Metamorphosis Alpha or Gamma World by way of Burn Shift. Especially since I’m now thinking about a science fantasy ala … More [Fate Freeport] Robots! – Arachnid Robot

[Fate Freeport] Robots! – Collector Robot

I’ve always been a huge fan of science-fantasy, though it’s something of an untapped vein in fantasy gaming—for all those sword-and-planet novels where some earthman is whisked away to another planet in Appendix N, we pretty much just have Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and Adventures on Dungeon Planet. (I’m being facetious, but it really … More [Fate Freeport] Robots! – Collector Robot