Fate Core and choosing the right Skills for the job

One of the things I’ve picked up over the years has been that some new-to-Fate GMs aren’t really sure how to finagle all the dials—as in, just about every game mechanic is inherently designed to be scalable, and a GM can easily create a certain tone or style of game by setting the dials to whatever degree … More Fate Core and choosing the right Skills for the job

When Not To Roll

One of my friends had a story about a roleplaying game he was beta-testing at a convention, and that some feedback he received—from one of the playtesters, a professional game designer—was he called for too many perception-type checks. It got him thinking about their over-use. It got me thinking as well; back when I was running D&D/Pathfinder … More When Not To Roll

Ridin’ the Railroad

I have a love-hate relationship with adventure modules due to the often strict plotting—railroading, in gaming parlance. At its worst, it feels restrictive and takes away the benefits a pen-and-paper game has over other media like video games, film, and books: the ability to go wherever you want and (try to) do whatever you like. … More Ridin’ the Railroad