Wither White Wolf?

Usually, I try to keep my posts in the 500-800 word category, and usually end up around 600-1000 because of that.  That was not the case here. The perpetual fall of White Wolf Games is something that’s unavoidable, and somewhat expected, but still a strange and miserable way for a former major gaming company to … More Wither White Wolf?

Corrupted Lunar Exalts

In hindsight, the level of new stuff we’ve designed for Exalted has been pretty minimal. In 3.5/Pathfinder, there’s always something to mod as a GM: monsters, feats, NPCs, magic items… In Exalted, which we played more of (and longer), most of the things which were GM-created were plot-bearing artifacts of major proportion. (I’m thinking of … More Corrupted Lunar Exalts

GenCon Recap: Paizo Grabs ENnies, Ravenloft, CthulhuTech, White Wolf’s Booth Blew

Let’s start with White Wolf, since I’m of the opinion that they need to be savaged continually for bad decisions. This time, it’s their booth: White Wolf’s Gothic New Orleans Nothing For Sale Shop. It had booth babes, booze, a DJ, everything… except product. Since their merger with Icelandic game giant CCP (the guys behind … More GenCon Recap: Paizo Grabs ENnies, Ravenloft, CthulhuTech, White Wolf’s Booth Blew

Exalted Combat 095

We’ve been metagaming Exalted a lot more, having two fairly long-running Dragon-Blood games on campus, plus a number of one-nighters, a failed Solar experience, and several plans for Sidereals and Dragon Kings that came and went almost overnight. Rummaging around on my hard drive, I found this quick batch of formulas I’d once whipped up … More Exalted Combat 095

Rollplaying 101

For the Halloween game, we decided to focus on a meat-grinder Dungeon Crawl to kill everyone off. What started with my normal Exalted playgroup eventually took over our Friday game, where half of the players are from the Exalted game and the other half are Freshmen new to gaming or transfers new to the group. … More Rollplaying 101