Faeries on a Budget

Black has an interesting history of showing up in absolutely dominating deckbuilds… since, oh, say, the “Black Summer” of 1996, when everybody was running Necropotence decks. In recent years, Golgari and Blightning come to mind, as does Vampires. In early 2008, the black deck of choice was the black-and-blue Faeries. Lorwyn was already a bit … More Faeries on a Budget

Fireball is dead. Long live Comet Storm!

It’s cards like this which can really pull people out for a pre-release. For a Mythic Rare, I think this one’s nicely powerful: it’s at instant speed, and can Fork for 1 per target, way better than Fireball and its damage “evenly divided” between the targets. To sell Multikicker and WorldWake, WotC couldn’t have picked … More Fireball is dead. Long live Comet Storm!

In the year 2010…

In case you haven’t heard, Magic is skipping 11th Edition and coming straight to year-by-year summer updates of 250 cards each. This starts out with Magic 2010, named for the following year in a trend inspired by professional sports games (and hopefully not a ploy to make Magic more of a “sport” than a game). … More In the year 2010…

Random Magic Musings

I’ve never been a fan of white-bordered expansions. Part of the reason I buy 10th is because I want replacements for all my white-bordered stuff: yeah, I’ll never use those Drudge Skeletons or Holy Strengths, but I’d rather have black-bordered versions so I can shove the rest in a shoebox somewhere. But, every now and … More Random Magic Musings

Magic in the Flux

Just some ponderings on value, and Magic in general. Back when I first started gaming on campus, Magic prices fluctuated wildly. (This was back in 2005/06, when my Gruul deck really was worth $150, compared to now when I finish the play sets of Rumble Slums and Burning-Trees for a dollar a card.) For example, … More Magic in the Flux