#RPGaDAY2015 Day 22 – Perfect Gaming Environment

Day 22 – Perfect Gaming Environment

A nicely laid-out room in a decent house, with plenty of access to a gaming library, lots of space for whiteboards and a big TV/computer monitor, and a nice gaming table or boardroom table flanked by comfortable seating. Like, seats you could rest your ass in for four to eight hours without feeling like your lower back is getting compressed into a diamond.

Really, if everything else is held together by duct tape, save me the seating. The TV/computer would mostly be to display images and such, as audio would be streamed in to surround speakers (or my Jambox if I’m just being cheap). And I’m in love with those gaming tables that give each player their own “desk” to store sheets, dice, paper, and clip-on drink holders to put your cup or wineglass in.

Most of all, solid adjustable lighting. I’d want decent natural light by day (because I like painting my figs in natural light, and it saves on energy yo) but would need the ability to darken the room for ambient horror game lighting, where everything would be lit by those wi-fi capable smart lights, and some of those LED strips running along the base of the shelves.

Other nice-to-haves: hardwood floors, a mini-fridge stocked with ice and various beverages, and if need be, another sideboard or table space to throw down some dungeon tiles or a map or something. Something intimate but not echo-y or cramped. Nothing too fancy, though, I’d want to sink most of my fortune into the mid-century-style bar and rec room in the basement.


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