#RPGaDAY2015 Day 16 – Longest Game Session Played

Day 16 – Longest Session Played

This one’s a bit tougher, so I’d probably have to go with “one of my college games.” The Friday ones were structured that everyone would meet up at the student rec center at 6pm, and then we’d run until it closed at midnight. That was a “short” night. I usually would aim for an afternoon class on Friday (if I had to schedule something on Fridays at all), so Thursdays would start also somewhere around 6pm and end at two or three in the morning when everyone was well and truly in the depths of sleep-deprived madness.

It got stupider when I was running my Legacy of Fire campaign for Pathfinder, which is probably when the long games began. We’d show up in the mid-afternoon, leave for food around 4pm, and get back to start 6-7:30ish. When we left, it was usually day out. Like early 7pm, or slightly earlier if I had to drop someone off. This was in the middle of winter, and that made it easier compared to sitting around for half an hour waiting for the truck to defrost in 20-below temperatures.

Nowadays, my games are still long. Fridays run from around 6:30-7pm until sometime around midnight, while my Sunday games tend to run from 9-9:30am until 2:30-3pm. I like a good five hour block since you get a ton done, but it’s also hard to schedule those five-hour blocks when most of your work-week is slotted in haphazardly around your, y’know, job.

But college, man. Best three to eight years of your life.

I miss those days.


One thought on “#RPGaDAY2015 Day 16 – Longest Game Session Played

  1. I think most players gaming sessions would have to be the longest during college. At least mine were. For a few years I lived with a few people that loved gaming and we would game all the time. On several occasions we had gaming sessions that went straight from Friday night at dinner to midday on Sunday. On one of these I know it was one massive “world ending” battle that the PCs went from micro fight to micro fight in. It was crazy. By Sunday we were delusional… I can’t even imagine doing that now. Now our https://fyxtrpg.com/ games sound just like yours. Usually 7pm to midnight on Fridays.

    This is the first I have seen this August list. I know it is a little late but I will have to do it myself next year.

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