#RPGaDAY2015 Days 10, 11, 12

Day 10 – Favorite RPG Publisher

My problem here is that as something of a collector, there are a number of games and properties I love, most of them by different publishers. The list of companies I actively follow includes:

  • I like the high production values and slick rules that Cubicle 7, Monte Cook Games, Green Ronin, Modiphius, and Fantasy Flight come up with.
  • I like Sage Kobold for giving me a D&D old-school dungeoncrawler that does everything I always wanted to do with that genre.
  • I like Kobold Press, because of Wolfgang Baur’s track record (Al-Qadim and Planescape in specific), because they succeeded at crowdfunded game books before it was cool, because they have great ideas on games design, and because they never sacrifice quality for anything.
  • I have a huge soft-spot for indie gaming publishers like Vigilance Press, Reroll Productions, and Brooklyn Indie Games for coming out with products that are useful, impressive, and make me think outside the box.
  • I have a lot of nostalgic appreciation for TSR and GDW, the second-hand castoffs of which I read as a kid, as well as some of the Old School Renaissance publishers putting their own spin on that same nostalgia.
  • And I like Evil Hat because of their creativity in both content and game design, their licensed properties (Robo and Dresden), their slick layout (nice work Fred), and most of all because they make stuff that I like to read and run, whether it’s Dresden or the many Fate Worlds or things like Monster of the Week and Designers & Dragons.

Day 11 – Favorite RPG Writer

Again, I can’t really point to one “favorite” that rises above all the others. There’s too many great RPG writers. And the line between “writer” and “designer” is pretty muddled.

  • Frank Mentzer
  • Fred Hicks
  • Sarah Newton
  • Jason Morningstar
  • Vincent Baker
  • Wolfgang Baur
  • Bruce Cordell
  • Monte Cook
  • Steve Kenson
  • Ken Hite
  • Robin D. Laws
  • Mike Pondsmith
  • Mike Olson
  • Cam Banks
  • Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams
  • Paizo’s adventure writers (Greg Vaughn, Nick Logue, Tim Hitchcock, Richard Pett, etc.)
  • Bill Bridges, for Werewolf, Mage, and Fading Suns
  • Brian Engard, for his work on Fate Freeport and sci-fi that kicks ass
  • Shane Lacy Hensley, for writing material that scared the crap out of me and/or my players
  • Leonard Balsera, one of the best dudes to hang out with over gin and tonics
  • Johnstone Metzger, for not only having the most badass name on this list, but also for his insanely good Dungeon World stuff

Day 12 – Favorite RPG Illustration

I was sorely tempted by some of the art from the old Werewolf supplement Subsidiaries, a sort of grim parody of the corporate consumerism destroying that slice of the World of Darkness. But, it kind of requires too much of an inspiration, and it’s more something I turn to as an inside-joke of the hobby, and not something that every gamer would get.

Instead, I’ll have to go with the Dungeon World cover, because it’s one of the few game book covers I look at and see a game demanding to be played. That and I love the intricate work Nate Marcel does; you can get lost in his cover to Class Warfare as you look around at the details. How about a Where’s Waldo-style Dungeon World artbook, anyone?


Though I do have to throw out a thumbs-up to Tony DiTerlizzi, Jon Hodgson, Wayne Reynolds, and Doug Kovacs, among many others. (The artists who do work for FFG’s Star Wars RPGs deserve gold medals.)

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