#RPGaDAY2015 Day 9 – Favorite Media I Wish was an RPG

Day 9 – Favorite Media You Wish was an RPG


I’m kind of drawing a blank here, because so many media properties I like are already RPGs. A few years ago I would have answered Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, but both of those have awesome licensed RPGs out now. Other media properties just don’t seem to fit the tabletop form, or would work better as Fiasco playsets.

Other niggling questions I always have: do I really need to buy an officially licensed Fringe/X-Files/Buffy/Supernatural RPG when I could just go and hack White Wolf or Dresden Files or something? Or a Walking Dead RPG when there’s All Flesh Must Be Eaten/etc.? What would Mad Max the RPG do that you can’t do in an existing system? (The answers are “yes, I do,” “I probably do,” and “car chases I assume,” but everyone’s mileage may vary.)

My tops list would include:

  • G.I. Joe, if only because I’ve loved some of the Joe-inspired material for ICONS and Spycraft. Would seem like an excellent property, with tons of potential for over-the-top combat. The stumbling block I assume is Hasbro, who of course missed a golden opportunity to re-package some of their toy lines as RPGs during the d20 craze… Really, just make me a crazy ’80s nostalgia RPG and I’m there.
  • Alien Legion, because as both a fan and a fan of SF roleplaying, its atmosphere and cool space opera action is something I’ve tried repeatedly to replicate in-game. And I’ve drawn heavy inspiration for it while running Starblazer and several other SF RPGs, even if the inspiration never showed up in play (sniff).

But really, I’d kill for someone to come up with a good line licensing my favorite ’80s obscure cyberpunk/space opera anime. Stuff like Five Star Stories. You want your epic fuckin’ space opera, with your epic fuckin’ ships and epic fuckin’ mecha? I got it right fuckin’ here. VOTOMS would be a knockout. Add in some of the more “mainstream” stuff like Akira, Space Battleship Yamato, and Bubblegum Crisis. Heck, since I’m dreaming, just make them all use the same system so I can mash and hack them together. (…I’ll be in my bunk.)

Related: I would kill for a tabletop hack of Darkest Dungeon, though Grim World would be a good starting point. Add a sanity/stress system and you should be good. I’d make one myself, but y’know, effort and time and stuff.


3 thoughts on “#RPGaDAY2015 Day 9 – Favorite Media I Wish was an RPG

    1. Haha, nice. To be honest, it is pretty much just taking any existing Traveller-esque space opera setting and applying “penal brigade” settings to it. But it has a surprising amount of depth to the world, and plenty of cool adventure ideas.

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