#RPGaDAY2015 Day 3 – Favorite New Game

Day 3 – Favorite New Game of the Last 12 Months


I feel that some of these headers could have been rewritten to increase clarity and add brevity, but whatev. This one is a no-brainer:


Whether you’re familiar with the comic or not, if you want a decent gateway into Fate Core or if you’re a storied veteran, the Atomic Robo RPG is an excellent release to pick up. I’m impressed by the designers’ use of Robo comic strips to illustrate gameplay concepts, which goes a long way in helping Fate newbies grok the system. And, of course, the setting is an awesome mashup of action science and pulp adventure. Read some of the source material here and see why the setting is loads of fun.

Not only is it a great introduction to Fate, Robo introduces several cool new mechanics that will make existing Fate players think about things in whole new ways. One is a “brainstorming” mechanic that lets the group feel out how something works scientifically within the setting’s logic, which is easily hacked to work for mysteries. It also uses a new skill setup called “modes,” which act like skill packages and replace other Fate skill systems (skill pyramids and approaches). Really, it’s a great balance of style, system, and setting, and more than deserved its Origin Award and silver ENnie.

Also, it’s got a sentient mad scientist velociraptor as a primary antagonist/comic relief. #win



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