#RPGaDAY2015 Day 1 – Forthcoming Game

I’m always late to the party, but let’s try a meme! I missed most of it last year due to vacation, and skipped part of it here because of work, so let’s just do it a few days late and call it good mmkay?

Day 1 – Forthcoming game most looking forward to

Sheesh. Start with the tough ones.

After much deliberation, I’d have to go with TORG Eternity. TORG was an old multidimensional West End Game from the early ’90s that really influenced a lot of my games theory thinking when I got ahold of a copy and was playing it… in the mid-late-2000s. Really, it’s a fantastic game that lets you blend different worlds/realities in an apocalyptic battle for Earth. On a good day, there’s a lot of potential for creeping X-File style investigation leading to the discovery of alternate realities crossing over onto our own. On a bad day, it’s a multi-genre mashup that’s still better than RIFTS.

Oh, it also had a card deck that let you manipulate the world (I’ll take authorship in pre-collaborative gaming for 1000, Alex). And the card deck was used for initiative and for tracking the flow of combat, amongst other things. And it had a simple player currency of points well before bennies and bonus dice were all the rage. Did I mention that it did all this using 1d20? (2d10 if you went after the slightly inferior (and generic) Masterbook system instead.) Literally the only die you needed was a d20 and you were good to go. And it had a “living campaign” element well before companies like Wizards or AEG used it.


And while the original system as written can be clunky as shit to run (magic anyone?), it’s incredibly easy to play since it plops 1d20 on skills-based characters using a log scale. We ran about a half-dozen Top Secret and X-Files type games with it. I’d love to see it tweaked a bit and cleaned up, kind of in the direction the Revised & Expanded version was going.

After West End died, were bought by some random French company, and died again, their license was sold to a German company, Ulisses Spiele, most famous for their rpg Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye). And now, after several years of apparently sitting on the license—we get next to no German RPG news in the States, okay—a new edition of TORG was announced for 2016.

I hold high hopes, if only because I love the setting so much. Then again, I held high hopes for Exalted 3rd (because I love the setting so much) when I backed that six billion years ago. Apparently I exist for perpetual disappointment.


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