Reblog: In which I give #WordPress advice

Dear WordPress:

As someone who earns a living working in the field of BI/Analytics, transforming raw data into meaningful insights, I find your new stats page to be a joke. This new stats dashboard displays less data in a less user-intuitive manner than your old site. It is not an upgrade. It is an embarrassment.

It appears that you’re aiming for a mobile-friendly aesthetic, which is a reasonable goal. Unfortunately your stats dashboard removed customization in exchange for a cripplingly limited view of data on my computer, with acres of white space preserved for future generations on the left half of my screen. On my tablet I see your app is using a stats dashboard very much like the old stats dashboard… making me wonder why the hell you brutalized your site but maintained a greater level of sanity in app design.

This is not to say that the old dashboard is perfect, nor do I mean to take away from the great new data points rolled out in your new stats page. (Wherever those are, keep scrolling, you’ll find them eventually.) What I mean to say is that the data presented is fantastic but that the design is an abhorrent travesty. The ideal is more data points compressed into what’s referred to as a “dashboard,” not more data points dumped into some endless-scroll abomination.

Please fire whomever is responsible posthaste, because I believe they may have misinformed you regarding some important design choices, and I fear what other suggestions they may have. (Any good things they had to say about treegraphs are wrong. That one’s a freebie.)


Welcome to infinitefreetime dot com

(Note: I typed this in the old editor, too.)

Dear WordPress:

Let’s talk about your new stats screen for a bit.  I put up a one-sentence post a few hours ago to confirm that other people feel the same way I do, and it’s amassed eighteen comments and twenty likes in that time, so I’m pretty sure I’m not on my own here.  I’ve been actively blogging on your site for about a year and a half, although I’ve had the account for several years longer than that, and I spend a lot of time obsessing about my stats.  An unhealthy amount of time, in fact.

You recently changed your stats page, and by a number of indications you seem to be interested in user feedback on it.  However, using your feedback form really didn’t give me a chance to explain what I actually dislike about it.  It could be…

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