FFC: Gelatinous Cube

These are one of my favorite old-school monsters, and I had a need for some, so I whipped up Fate Freeport stats for my friend the ooze. It’s hard not to like a monster inspired by those quivering cubes of jello you find at cafeterias, one that also functions as a giant scrubbing bubble amoeboid wandering through the dungeon corridors to clean up the mess.

There’s a couple of nasty tricks I remember from my D&D days. One was describing a skeleton gliding towards the group, in reality the cube’s last victim, dissolving inside the ooze’s transparent embrace. That sounds like a cool Create Advantage waiting to happen (hence the stunt). The other was filling pit traps with gelatinous cubes, but that just seems cruel. And overkill.


Also, check out this link for gelatinous cube facts and rumors of the OSR variety.

Gelatinous Cube

Bits of broken weapons, coins, and a partially digested skeleton are visible inside this quivering cube of slime.

Aspects: Quivering Cube of Slime; Mindless Dissolving Slime; Paralyzing Ooze
Stats: STR +2, DEX +1, CON +5, INT –, WIS -1, CHA -2

Melee Attack: Engulf (+2 STR), normal damage and target is Dissolving and Paralyzed.
Defense: Amorphous Form (+5 CON)

Mental Stress: Mindless
Physical Stress: OOOO
Physical Consequences:
Mild (-2):
Moderate (-4):

Paralytic Acid: Anyone who touches a gelatinous cube is Dissolving and Paralyzed.
Transparent: Gains +2 to create an advantage with DEX or CON to hide or be less noticeable.

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