[Fate Freeport] Robots! – Arachnid Robot

PZO9270-ArachnidRobotMore robots! More! Truth be told I’d been thinking a lot about hacking—and I use that term loosely in this instance since it’s not a huge stretch—hacking Fate Freeport to run something in the vein of Metamorphosis Alpha or Gamma World by way of Burn Shift. Especially since I’m now thinking about a science fantasy ala Barsoom mashup. No ideas or plots or anything yet, but that’s a genre I can run in my sleep.

So, the Arachnid Robot, from the Numeria setting book (on my trip across Paizo’s Science-Fantasy Sourcebooks of Note). This is kind of “baby’s first robot” where they swarm you and explode… which is kinda funny since the picture for them is pretty rad. They’re effectively mob-less mooks in Fate, and I’d consider throwing a couple at the players at once. (Explosion is the same as the corpse flower in the Fate Freeport Companion.)

In PF they’re also low-level enough (CR 1/2) to be a companion, and it mentions that technologists keep them as pets. I think it’s pretty awesome to have your own pet robot as some freakish Ranger animal companion or Wizard familiar. Just don’t let it get blow up and you’re jake.

Arachnid Robot
This dog-sized, spider-like robot has a plasma torch mounted on a stinger-like limb and gripping claws on its forelegs.
High Concept: Exploding Bug ‘Bot
Trouble: Fragile Systems Lead To Excellent Self-Preservation Instincts
Aspects: Can Go Almost Anywhere; Mission: To Repair and Salvage
Skills: STR -1, DEX +1, CON +0, INT +0, WIS +1, CHA -2
Ranged Attack: Plasma Torch (+1 DEX).
Defense: Dodge (+1 DEX)
Mental Stress: OO
Mental Consequences:
Moderate (-4):
Physical Stress: OO
Physical Consequences:
Moderate (-4):
Death Burst: When destroyed, the Arachnid Robot uses Plasma Torch for free with a +2 bonus (total bonus of +3).
Plasma Spray: By spending a Fate point, Plasma Torch can affect all targets in a zone.

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