[Fate Freeport] Robots! – Annihilator Robot

If you can’t guess, I like a good big stompy death machine every once in a while. Something to cap a campaign off with, once the characters have leveled a bit and have to save the world from some nefarious threat. Take for example one of the first Pathfinder robots, the Annihilator in the Inner Sea Bestiary (though it had several art appearances before that). This one was another attempt to see how much I could jam into Fate Freeport. In Pathfinder they’re CR 16 combat monsters, bristling with weapons and special attacks.

Oddly a direct conversion makes it less powerful, showing you how much was weighted towards its base attack bonus and level to make it deadly; the version below isn’t as powerful as some of the beasties in the Fate Freeport Companion, but it’s got a good set of stats and solid offensive/defensive abilities. Not a challenge to throw at beginners.


Annihilator Robot
This towering, scorpion-like construct makes tortured shrieks as it moves, its metallic weapons thrumming with otherworldly energy.
High Concept: Destruction Made Metal
Trouble: Eats Through Ammo
Aspects: Hulking War Machine; Mission: To Destroy and Enslave
Skills: STR +7, DEX +4, CON +4, INT +2, WIS +1, CHA -2
Ranged Attack: Dual Linked Chainguns (+4 DEX)
Defense: Armor Plating (+4 CON)
Mental Stress: OO
Mental Consequences
Moderate (-4):
Physical Stress: OOOO
Physical Consequences
Mild (-2):
Moderate (-4):
Hardness: Comes with armor plating on par with heavy armor, giving three free invokes/session.
Jump Jets: By spending a Fate point, the Annihilator Robot can move up to three zones ignoring any environmental/situational Aspects or similar hindrances.
Plasma Lance: By spending a Fate point, the Annihilator can unleash a ball of molten plasma from its tail on everyone in its zone. This is a CON attack against DEX. Anyone hit takes normal damage and is Bathed in Molten Plasma.

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