Extreme Earth Kickstarter

I’ve noticed that ideas and concepts tend to trend together; maybe it’s just disparate game publishers all seeing a potential market at the same time, maybe it’s just sheer dumb luck. Whatever the case, there’s been a sudden influx in superheroes rolepalying for some of my systems of choice, and that’s lead to backing a whole lot of Kickstarters on my end.

Most supers games come with their own settings, but you can never really have enough of those. And while there’s a number of RPG systems in print these days have rules for supers, not every one has built out their own extensive universe. Extreme Earth is all about setting: a dark and gritty Iron Age world inspired by Heroes and 24, a dystopian future of superheroes, paranoia, and corruption. It’s a dangerous world where heroes are hounded for their talents, where governments, corporations, and terrorist groups hope to gain control over these powers for their own uses. Think of it as if SHIELD won Marvel’s Civil War, only turn the Orwellian dial to eleven.

The unique thing is that it’s one world, published simultaneously for seven popular supers RPG systems: BASH!, Bulletproof Blues, Fate Accelerated Edition, ICONS, Mutants and Masterminds, Savage Worlds, and SUPERS!. That pretty much covers all the major superheroic game systems in print today, with the exception of Hero 6th. And it’s done by Fainting Goat Games, who’ve already produced an extensive line of ICONS supplements, and thus have a bit of experience in both the publishing and superheroes fields.

It’s tough for me choose only one print edition between all those game lines; I’m torn between ICONS and Fate Accelerated to be honest. Luckily most of the pledge levels have rewards giving you .pdf copies of all the rules editions, which is a great touch for those of us using multiple game systems. I also find it ironically sad that the two game systems I’d most like to see Extreme Earth editions for are the two other Kickstarters I recently blogged about. Hopefully they’ll be popular enough that Fainting Goat brings out rules for them as well in the future.

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