Worlds in Peril Kickstarter

Following up on my last post, yet another supers RPG Kickstarter that I think looks pretty rad. The Apocalypse World engine is one that really struck a cord with me, particularly in its Dungeon World form, and I’ve kept an eye on the many Kickstarters for the system. Worlds in Peril is the first (and currently only) supers game to use its system. One of its authors is Kyle Simons, who Kickstarted a fantastic little RPG wherein you learn Korean while playing, a game brought to my attention by a friend who used to teach English to Korean schoolkids.

Like the rest of the *World line, the emphasis is on descriptive and flexible powers and their role in a game’s narrative structure. It’ll end up being at least 120 pages in graphic novel size, and there’s a lot of sample characters on the Kickstarter page showing off the various moves and powers for the characters. Plus, some good input on their Critique This Kickstarter thread on

I think a supers game is an ideal fit for the *World engine, given its flexibility and focus on how you use things and not what you’re using. Using it, you can replicate a ton of powers and abilities without needing several hundred pages describing a zillion static powers. The Kickstarter has almost met its first stretch goal, adding in more art, and the second sounds even more awesome: an introductory comic that teaches you how to play the game. It’s got about a month to go, so we’ll see how many more stretch goals it hits. I’m hoping… lots.

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