[Fate Freeport] Plant People

Pod People! Well, they’re just plant people, but it’s a weird enough (and pulpy) trope, plus it’s semi-iconic to D&D-type games. I have a number of Fate Freeport monsters that I’ve statted up but I keep forgetting to post, including some nifty fantasy gaming iconics. These are all using the Fate Freeport Companion rules, and were mostly to see how its conversion rules worked, so they’re pretty much direct translations from Pathfinder to Fate Freeport. I may do some stock Fate Core or FAE versions in the future, who knows.

Short, thin, and green, this small humanoid wields a spear. Tendrils of fungus dangle from its arms, midsection, and legs.
Aspects: Primitive Plant People!; Strength in Numbers; Cowardly
DEX +2
CON +1
INT +1
Melee Attack: Longspear (+0 Str), normal damage.
Defense: Dodge (+2 Dex)
Mental Stress: Immune
Physical Stress: OOO
Physical Consequences:
Moderate (-4)

I wasn’t around back in the day to play Barrier Peaks, though I did stumble across it in a used bookstore—it was one of the first game books in my collection, so it holds a special place in my heart for its weird science-fantasy lunacies. Vegepygmies came from there, and I’ve enjoyed using them in various editions ever since. These are about as close as you can get to a minion/mook mob in Fate Freeport, which is reflected by their weak stats—characters with some +3 and +4 skills will bowl these guys over.

Bog Creeper
This creature looks like a man-sized rotting tree trunk with several thorny tendrils sprouting from its body. A single limb protrudes from its central form as well.
Aspects: Carnivorous Fungus; (Slowly) Creeping Death; 
STR +4
CON +4
INT -2
WIS +2
CHA -1
Melee Attack: Tendrils (+4 Str), normal damage.
Defense: Wooden Husk (+4 Con)
Mental Stress: Immune
Physical Stress: OOOO
Physical Consequences:
Mild (-2)
Moderate (-4)
Acid Spray: Spend a Fate point to make an attack +3 vs. Dex versus every living creature in its zone. Creatures take normal damage and are Melting.
Camouflage: Since a bog creeper looks like a plant when at rest, it gets +2 to Create Advantage with its Dex to hide or mask its presence in a swamp.
Marsh Move: A bog creeper gets +2 to Overcome environmental hazards or treacherous terrain in a swamp.

D&D has a long-standing history of monsters that look like inanimate objects—rocks, treasure, hats, foliage—until they jump out and bite you. As the bog creeper proves, that tradition is still alive today. This one is from the Tome of Horrors Complete, which I’d say comes close to being an essential buy for anyone running a 3.5/Pathfinder game who wants a bit of old school flavor.

(For the Marsh Move stunt: I usually use setting aspects to handle terrain/environment things like a Slimy, Sinking Swamp, and I’d have the stunt let the bog creeper ignore those aspects’ compels; the stunt’s effect is meant to balance out any difficulty modifiers coming from the swamp aspect.)

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