[Fate Freeport] Giant Insect Monsters – Stinging Threats

As part of my interest in running a swords-and-sorcery Fate game, I statted up a few adversaries—starting with giant insects, because to me they are such iconic old-school adversaries. Also, I watched a lot of Harryhausen as a child, and Mysterious Island was full of giant bugs and such. (Plus they’re really easy to stat.)

These all using the Fate Freeport Companion rules, and were mostly to see how its conversion rules worked, so they’re pretty much direct translations from Pathfinder to Fate Freeport. I may do some stock Fate Core or FAE versions in the future, who knows.

WaspGiant Hornet
This horse-sized hornet has a black body with white markings on the thorax and abdomen and a cruel looking sword-like stinger. They do not stray too far from their hives, and are usually found in groups—scouting parties looking for material or food to bring back to the nest. 
Aspects: On Delicate Wings, Hive Mind, Sword-Like Stinger
STR +4
DEX +1
CON +2
WIS +2
Melee Attack: Poisonous Sting (+4 Str), normal damage and target becomes Poisoned.
Defense: Aerial Dodge (+1 Dex)
Mental Stress: Mindless
Physical Stress: OOOO
Physical Consequences:
Moderate (-4)
Pheromones: When a Giant Hornet takes stress damage or a Consequence, it may spend a Fate point to make all other Giant Hornets in the same zone or adjacent zones Enraged.

Another monster that works best with buddies, which its Aspects and stunt try to reinforce (I can foresee plenty of uses for that Enraged Aspect). Its defenses kind of suck, though you can just invoke its On Delicate Wings Aspect, or flip it around and use its Chitinous Body (+2 Con) instead.

Empire Scorpion
This titanic, coal-black scorpion rises out of the desert sands; at the end of its segmented tail is a deadly stinger, and its two clacking claws are each the size of a grown man’s body.  One of the largest of the desert’s natural predators, it is on a constant hunt, tracking its prey over great distances, and setting emerging from the sand to catch its next meal unawares.
Aspects: Big and Bulky, On The Hunt, Solitary Killer, Deadly Sting
STR +7
CON +4
CHA -2
Melee Attack: Pincers (+7 Str), normal damage
Defense: Chitinous Carapace (+4 Con)
Mental Stress: Mindless
Physical Stress: OOOOO
Physical Consequences:
Mild (-2)
Moderate (-4)
Hunter’s Senses: An empire scorpion gets +2 to Overcome using its Wis to detect the presence of prey.
Rapid Sting: An empire scorpion may spend a Fate point and make an additional sting attack, even if it has already attacked with its pincers. The sting attack’s stats are as follows: Sting (+7 Str), +2 damage and target becomes Poisoned.
Strike from the Sands: In a desert environment, an empire scorpion gets +2 to Create Advantage using its Dex to hide or mask its presence.

I’ve always been a fan of using scorpions; if a normal emperor scorpion creeps people out in real-life, just think of the terror when the scorpion isn’t merely an emporer—it’s a god-king, even an entire empire. This one is designed to be a deadly challenge for experienced characters, given its array of stunts and massive +7 Strength; it’ll take some planning and smart use of Aspects to take it down.


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