[FATE] Taking The Initiative

So, in a recent post, I pointed out why the new Marvel Super Heroic RPG had an awesome initiative system, and that I was adapting it to ICONS.

Talking it over and thinking about it, I’ll probably adapt it Fate-based games in general. And in a system a little more granular than ICONS, it deserves a little tweak to buff it. Namely, a stunt. Probably more than one, but at least one to throw a bone to the dextrous character—the rogue, the swashbuckler, the gladiator, someone who controls the battlefield through speed and efficiency.

Athletics is the clear-cut Skill candidate here, under the Speed trapping.

Unnatural Speed [Athletics]

Requires Fast as a Leopard.

You can leverage your incredible speed to your advantage, enabling you to act earlier than anticipated and throwing others’ out of sync. When you take the first initiative action in a round, you gain a +2 bonus to any one roll. Alternately, you may spend a Fate Point to join the initiative at any point, preempting whoever had been chosen to act, much like what the GM can do with NPCs. Doing so grants you a +1 bonus to a roll. This does not allow you to act more than once in a round, thought it does permit you if you have some other method to take multiple actions (gear, a spell, etc.).

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