Twilight of the Gods

Having just watched the new Conan the Barbarian movie, the Wagnerian influence on Conan is… blatant.

So, how many graphic novels get their own four-minute animated trailer? About the same number that are based on Wagnerian folklore. Expanded info is also on the video’s page, but some guy named Alex Alice came up with the idea to turn Wagner’s epic into a three-volume graphic novel, and pulled it off with some pretty stunning visuals. And a neat trailer.

Production was geared up towards a full-length feature film, with the above as a proof-of-concept, which is rumored to be moving back into development once the graphic volumes are out of the way. And that trailer indicates it could be pretty epic, provided it retains the awesome grandeur and doesn’t get bogged down by any of the obvious mires—for example, Disneyfication of the property for mass media marketing.

(Yeah, I’ll have real content to post eventually.)

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