Presidential Candidates: D&D Edition

I’ve tried hard to keep away from politics on this blog—SOPA doesn’t count, since it would directly impact WordPress, this blog, and just about every other site I use on a daily basis. But I’m already tired and apathetic enough of the Edition Wars, and Internet Politics is that taken to eleven.

But this is just too loving funny to pass up. Well, humorous, at any rate.

It’s a bit dated—Gingrich has climbed far enough in the polls that he’s no longer just the pseudo-intellectual member of the crowd, he’s the pseudo-intellectual frontrunner. (Momentarily; it’ll boil down to whether the GOP wants to try and get independent swing votes with Romney, or use Newt and keep the right-wing votes they’d otherwise lose by going Mitt.) And it’s a tad biased—I’d like to see Obama with a “make promises he doesn’t keep” ability to balance that out.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I’ve played a character with Herman Cain’s stats. Don’t worry, it was 2nd Ed, so it translated to nulls across the board instead of negatives.

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