On the State of Things

Needless to say, I’m done with the 30 Days of TV thing. While it did get me posting again, and regularly, I swamped myself with vacations and trips and guests and etc., so keeping up a regular daily post count was a pain in the ass. Hence the various missed days. And even though I skipped an entire week and a couple of outliers, it still ended up being a little too much to do in the middle. Thus, in the end, I’m pretty pleased with the 30 Days meme, even though I wouldn’t do another daily meme thing again in the foreseeable future.

I ended up goofing on Day 21; I’d originally figured to put Burn Notice there, if it won the fight with Firefly, to add some more non-Galactica variety. But when it came to posting I forgot, and was trying to catch up on lost days, and combined it with Galactica. There’s a bit of similarity between Burn Notice and Firefly, in that the Mal/Inara and Michael/Fiona relationships are oddly rocky, but between the two of them, I’d probably still go with the former because it’s far more unique as an anti-relationship.

In other news, I spun off another blog to cover all my book/pulp news/reviews, to keep this one more focused on gaming, technology, and more mainstream nerd stuff. The hope is to keep some regularity in my Logic posts, and do the rest when I get around to it. I thought about pulling all my Hard Case and Planet Stories posts into the new blog, but am far too lazy.

Needless to say, some more gaming-related stuff starts later next week… the finale for my Legacy of Fire game, some 3.5 to Pathfinder conversions, and some about GMing I’ve been thinking on 1.) since Alex said his “the hardest part about GMing is the voices” bit, and 2.) some bottled up crap from running Legacy and hearing about my friends’ Runelords game.

I debated about switching themes again when I saw the Matala release, but I’m tired of switching every couple of weeks, and I like the one I’ve got now. (Whatever the hell it’s called.) I’ll probably ride it out until WordPress.com finally adds Notepad Chaos to its ranks. (Love that theme.)

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