30 Days of TV – Day 19

Day 19 – Best t.v show cast

I’ve noticed that a lot of people either go with sitcoms for Day 19, or shows that have expansive ensemble casts—namely Lost and Heroes, two of the largest ensemble casts in recent memory. Sitcoms specifically have to have tight casts, since the humor and setup usually comes from the characters’ relations (friend, family, or otherwise), and if sitcom characters don’t gel, the show probably won’t last one season.

Instead of all that I’m going with Firefly. Here’s a tightly-knit cast who almost immediately became tightly-knit real-life friends. Needless to say it translated well to a show where the characters have this “known each other for a long time” feel, something like a family… well, a dysfunctional family, considering Jayne’s greed, and the love-hate spats between Mal and Inara, but a family nonetheless. They may grate on each other—who really likes the people they work with—but at the same time, they’re enough of a family that none of them has chosen to cut and run yet.

The cast is a little on the medium-large side, but all the characters fit their roles to a T. We have the not-too-bright thug, who could turn on the others at a moment’s notice, but who generally follows the rules. There’s the ace pilot, who’s also a lovable doof who plays with dinosaur toys. There’s the master engineer with a heart of gold, who really wants to wipe the grime away and be a girly-girl. There’s not one but three mystery characters, all picked up in the first episode.

There’s a good dozen reasons why Firefly’s cancellation sucks… the great setting, visuals, dialogue. The characters rank pretty highly on my list: they’re all good characters, rounded, likable, and interesting. This actually felt like a crew, of real characters, with depth and flaws and a living relationship. It also says something when the cast was fighting as hard (if not harder) than the fans in the battle for the show’s return, and when some of them sneak Firefly references into their current shows.

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