30 Days of TV – Day 18

Day 18 – Favorite title sequence

Judging a title sequence is either the easiest or hardest thing on this list. I mean, their sole purpose is to roll credits, albeit with an aesthetic that conveys the feel and style of the show. Pretty much every show in existence does this, to some extent: rolling credits is a no-brainer, throw in a soundtrack, add in some clips from the first season or a montage of characters and set. Voila.

I’m also torn between the lines of titles I think are objectively best versus those I’m drawn to and consider my (subjective) personal favorite. The X-Files would probably be the objectively best: it’s foreboding, introduces the main characters and concepts right off the go, and has arguably the most iconic theme song of the ’90s. Mad Men’s intro is pretty hot, as was Deadwood, and both got the shows’ themes across while using some slick cinematography.

But the first one that came into my mind, despite it being fairly basic and not as aesthetically awesome, would be Rescue Me.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve watched far too much of the show, but yeah, that’s the first thing that pops into my head when I hear “title sequence” and “television” in the same sentence. Pretty basic alt-rock song, obnoxiously catchy (even though it doesn’t rhyme), some neat shots of New York, and the main characters dressing up and riding towards a burning building. Nice touch having the names roll in and blow away as smoke. I really don’t have a defensive argument for why this one is good, only that I like it and it’s the title sequence that comes to me first and strongest. There are worse.

Though, if we’re going to include non-native TV shows, or shows that first aired in foreign countries, Cowboy Bebop is worth mentioning. I’ve tried to avoid too much anime on this list since most of it appears first in the US either as “illegal” fan-subs, or (once the licensing has been dealt,) in DVD format. Thus I’m not really hip to categorize it as TV in the same sense as, say, Arrested Development or Star Trek or what have you. (Robotech is the exception because it was made for American TV. Deal with it.) Anyways. Bebop’s  title credits cover both categories: they’re frakking awesome, convey the show’s “space cowboy noir” feel, the song’s catchy, and it’s colorful as all hell. With most anime, I end up skipping the intro after a while; Bebop’s one of the exceptions. Great show, too.

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Day 18 – Favorite title sequence – Rescue Me
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