30 Days of TV – Day 15

Day 15 – Favorite female character

I actually spent more time deliberating on Day 14 than I let on, but this one was even harder. There are a lot of good female actors, but not a lot jumped to mind. Maybe it’s because of the shows I watch (still have to get into the Buffy/Veronica Mars crazes, even though it’s a bit late at this point), or maybe it’s because of the gender studies angle (there’s still a lot of portraying women in roles subaltern to men, e.g. not as many female lead characters), but not a lot jumped to mind when I thought of “great” or “favorite.”

Scully was a serious consideration: she’s smart, she’s sexy, she’s an FBI agent who can kick your ass. Playing the “straight man” foil (as it were) to Mulder’s “nutty” alien conspiracies gave her a solid grounding, so it actually mattered when the two managed to come to a mutual understanding on the weird shit they encounter. Especially during season 6 or 7, or whenever it was that Mulder got abducted. (Those were the only seasons I saw live, the ones with Doggett in charge and an AWOL Mulder.)

Still, it’s Laura Roslin from the new BSG all the way. This is a character that the audience knows from the start is going to die. Battling cancer as the human fleet battles the Cylons is an interesting parallel, and fits of the show’s cyclical theme. She’s also a schoolteacher-cum-minister-of-ed, who is thus positioned to become President: she’s coming from a simple background, and makes some mistakes as president, but you feel she’s doing the best she can: answering tough questions, under fire, isn’t easy. So she makes a few mistakes—a human foible, after all. At the same time, she’s pretty damn smart, and is arguably the most powerful person in the entire fleet…. you don’t want to be on her bad side. (See most of Season 1.)

Day 01 – A show that should have never been canceled – Jericho
Day 02 – A show that you wish more people were watching – Fringe
Day 03 – Your favorite new show (aired this TV-season) – Game of Thrones
Day 04 – Your favorite show ever – Battlestar Galactica (2004)
Day 05 – A show you hate – various micro-rants
Day 06 – Favorite episode of your favorite t.v show – The Oath/Blood on the Scales
Day 07 – Least favorite episode of your favorite t.v show – Black Market
Day 08 – A show everyone should watch – Better Off Ted
Day 09 – Best scene/episode ever – Out of Gas
Day 10 – A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving – NCIS
Day 11 – A show that disappointed you – Heroes
Day 12 – A TV show you’ve watched more than 4 times – Robotech
Day 13 – Favorite childhood show – Talespin
Day 14 – Favorite male character – The Doctor
Day 15 – Favorite female character – Laura Roslin
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Day 24 – Best quote
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Day 30 – Saddest character death

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