30 Days of TV – Day 13

Day 13 – Favorite childhood show

If you grew up in the late eighties/early nineties, chances are good that you remember The Disney Afternoon. It wasn’t the first programming block that I remember, nor the first cartoons I saw… I remember The Real Ghostbusters, and that it was followed by what I swear was a cartoon starring the 7-Up dot, but I can’t find any evidence of such a thing’s existence. (The flaws of memory: it doesn’t retain those formative years. Whatever, the show had a dot or a ball as a primary character; AFAIK it sucked beyond that.)

Anyways, The Disney Afternoon. It started right before I got home from school, so all I missed was the Gummi Bears (which was so, like, Pre-K), and ended right before we had dinner. (Which was stupid-early compared to the rest of the world, because dad had weeknight meetings.) The block introduced some seriously good shows to the Disney brand. Chip ‘N Dale might not have held up as well, nor Ducktales, but Darkwing Duck and TaleSpin were awesome. My fave was TaleSpin; it was on the first Disney Afternoon, and was the best (and last) of the lineup.

It doesn’t use the traditional formulas for a cartoon, which is why it worked so well: take the characters from The Jungle Book, put them in a 1930s sky ace radio serial that makes Crimson Skies blush, and add in a heaping of retro-screwball comedy. For a children’s show featuring (pre-furry) anthro characters fighting off sky pirates and Stalinist pigs, it has a good appeal to adults… I’ve never seen anyone badmouth the show, though it’s not on Netflix streaming so I can’t attempt to destroy my childhood nostalgia immediately. Yet it still managed to hook all us kids back in the day; it was clearly the most popular of the shows, with the possible exception of Darkwing Duck. I ended up getting a subscription to Disney Adventures just for the TaleSpin comics. (Later it had a large chunk of Bone, but other than that, it was kinda crap.)

In hindsight I’m pretty sure that TaleSpin was the influencing factor that accounts for my pulp fixation. And why I loved Sky Captain.

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Day 07 – Least favorite episode of your favorite t.v show – Black Market
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Day 10 – A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving – NCIS
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Day 13 – Favorite childhood show – Talespin
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