Paizo + WizKids = Pathfinder Pre-Painted Minis

Old news (dating from 25 May) but good news: Paizo and WizKids are teaming up to do a run of pre-painted Pathfinder miniatures. Reaper already does a fine line of unpainted metal Pathfinder figs, but a lot of GMs are bad at painting/lazy, and WizKids is the go-to company for good pre-painted figs.

The first set is four of the iconics, and the previews look pretty hot. (Those are 3d models, not greens/pre-production figs, by the way.) They’re a bit expensive at $12.99 for all four, but these have something like 6 paint steps, when most figs only have 3 to keep expenses down. In other words, these will be some of the highest-quality figures WizKids has done; reports say they’ll be on-par with the new Green Lantern set.

Paizo is hoping for a lot of pre-orders before WizKids sets the production run, and the more they sell, the more likely it is we’ll see the rest of the iconics. Hopefully others would have a better sculpt than Valeros, Human Fighter, but at least Kyra the Cleric looks awesome.

Note that the first set figures are the four archetypal classes: cleric, fighter, rogue, wizard. Nice move on Paizo’s part.

Since WizKids/NECA are returning the old ActionClix brand with more HALO and a Lord of the Rings HeroClix line, and the return of freaking MageKnight, it’d be friggin’ awesome to do a line of Pathfinder ActionClix. Think about it: dual-purpose for both RPGs and wargaming, with the established, time-tested WizKids clix rules for a clicky game. The Pathfinder Society factions could become clix-game factions, along with a half-dozen monstrous factions (Whispering Way for undead, Goblins of Golarion, etc.) to round things out.

I’m not sure how profitable it would be, but it’d solve a lot of peoples’ need for plasticrack, in an age without D&D Minis. And it would be pretty damn cool, even if the figures were on oversized clix bases. I have to imagine it’d sell better than a return to HALO ActionClix, several years after the last HALO clix set, which as I recall wasn’t as popular as either Hero or Horror. Still, I’ll break out my wallet when MechWarrior clix return.

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