Let’s Go Retro

Check this out: video games done up as movie posters… fairly slick movie posters, at that, with a strong retro vibe and more than a little arthouse cinema flair. It’s like the Criterion Collection for games. They’re done by Ron Guyatt on deviantART, and he’s done a half-dozen posters so far (if you include the badass one he did for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea).

Not quite a Photoshop Phriday, but close enough. It’s a nice touch seeing all the game info—release dates, rating, credits—on the poster, like it’s some kind of awesome variant box art.

I’m particularly thrilled by the retro-style tones and silhouettes on the Bioshock one: it just screams ’60s B-movie, which is so damn fitting for the game. I might be biased, though, since I’ve been replaying the hell out of Bioshock lately, and saw this poster linked via Steam.

Speaking of Steam, Dead Space is the current weekend deal at 66% off, coming in at a mere $6.80. I’m tempted to buy it even though I lack the 7.5 gigs to install it, but I wouldn’t mind playing it when I get another hard drive next month.

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