Panzer 88 – The Next Big Thing for WETA

Or, “Hey guys, they’re making a movie based on my supernatural World War II game.”

The crashed bomber. Ask them what was in the box.

Well… not really. But there are some impressive similarities between the upcoming film Panzer 88 and my haunted tank game. Namely, World War II, German panzers, and the supernatural. I’ll attempt to overlook those similarities, unless it nets me with a fine, fine lawsuit. (I have multiple witnesses.)

The movie follows the five-man crew of a German King Tiger on the Eastern Front. While tooling around in Russia, they run afoul of a malignant supernatural entity. That’s really all we’ve got so far, but it’s a great mix: action, history, and horror. The designers hope it’ll do to tank movies what Crimson Tide did to submarine movies, only with supernatural horror thrown in.

Besides the premise (which is good enough to base a roleplaying game around!), and awesome concept art, the crew building up this project has some serious chops of their own.


At the end of the movie, the Kaiser-bot emerges from a fiery rift in the ground. C.J. shoots at it. (Spoilers.)

You see, Gary Kurtz—the guy who produced the two good Star Wars movies—is backing this low-budget, high-concept flick. And I’m not kidding when I say low-budget: they’ve got $20 million on the pot to make this thing, well more than an indie flick but a sliver of a true blockbuster’s coffers. And it’s co-written and directed by Peter Briggs, of Hellboy fame. And it was picked up by Peter Jackson’s WETA Workshop for the special effects heavy-lifting. Needless to say, speculation is this will be the District 9 for 2011: coming out of right field to become a critically popular success.

This could indeed become an amazingly awesome movie. Or, at the very least, a movie that I end up loving even if nobody else does (Sky Captain cough cough).

A striking view of Spitz and Jimmy Ray on their motorcycle. (Courtesy of Reuben.)

My question now is this: what movie will WETA pick up for 2013 with a “7” in the title?

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