Pathfinder Conversion – Divs

Being a fan of anything drawn from mythology as well as a fan of Arabian Nights-themed fantasy, Divs just peak my interest. In Pathfinder canon, these doobers are evil spirits related to both genies and daemons, giving you yet another flavor of extraplanar fiend to torture players with. After seeing these statted out over the length of Legacy of Fire, I’d buy a Book of the Damned: Divs in a heartbeat.

Sadly, they don’t show up much in the Path itself, but I like them enough to include them as random encounters here and there, and figure they’ll make appearances once the group gets into the City of Brass (module/box set, not Impossible Eye). Having an extraplanar type of evil genies to fill the typical “demon/devil” role is a nice touch, for both flavor and variety.

Since Bestiary 2 doesn’t include much from after the Legacy of Fire path, divs exist only in 3.5 form. (I was hoping either oni or daemons would make an appearance, and going by the spoilers taken from the free Bestiary 2 poster, daemons have won out. Yugoloths are back, baby!) As I am bored, I decided to help fix the problem… shortly thereafter, I found out that other people had already done the same damn thing (namely the Archives of Nethys, which converted monster stat blocks for the first five Legacy of Fire modules). On the bright side, it allows me to check my work, and it looks like I’m not off by much.

Pathfinder Divs Converted

Above, in useful .pdf format, are all the Divs presented in the Legacy of Fire arc, converted from 3.5 to Pathfinder. Over the holiday season I’ll be doing a lot more converting, namely for Necromancer’s City of Brass, and associated Tome of Horrors stuff. It’s all open game content; stats originate from Paizo Publishing, LLC.

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