Conversion – Ahriman, Lord of Divs

While I’ve been able to find all the other divs converted from 3.5 to Pathfinder, I haven’t seen Ahriman sitting around anywhere. The lord of divs and master of Abaddon is statted in the last Legacy of Fire module, and while we’re still in Kakishon, I have plans for the guy. Big, glorious plans.

And not only does it give me an excuse to brush up on converting things, it gives me an excuse to use InDesign.

Sorry for the wall-o’-text, but I have this OCD hatred of having a page with only like five lines of text on it. And unlike Paizo, I can’t afford a stable of top-notch artists. File posted below in .pdf format; right-click-save away.


In the interests of transparency, and to help explain the conversion changes to anyone who’s interested in doing 3.5 conversions…

First off, I’d like to say that Pathfinder’s backwards-compatibility makes conversions a breeze. I spent more time writing the damn blog post than I did converting the monster.

The charts in the back of the Pathfinder Bestiary are required; they’re far superior to the sections in the 3.5 MM on modifying monsters, and besides, everything from disease to natural attacks have been standardized in the back of the Bestiary. I just wish the charts were on a GM screen, or that the appendixes were also in their own (smaller) book, so I’m not propping open the back pages of a Bestiary all the time.

Hit Points/Hit Dice: The HD for outsiders has increased to a d10, increasing Ahriman’s average die results from 4.5 to 5.5. In short, it gives him an extra hit point per HD, for a total gain of 27, while Toughness bumped it up by 27 more.

Saves: Outsiders now have two good saves instead of three, but the two are chosen. The div lord has a high Con already, so Fort is obvious; Will is second because nobody wants their div lord dominated in the middle of a fight. Since Ahriman is kind of a big, hulking boss-div, I went with Reflex as his low save. That still leaves him with a Ref +19, and if that’s not good enough to save him…

Feats: All of Ahriman’s natural attacks are now primaries, so I replaced the useless Multiattack with Greater Bull Rush. As a creature with 27 HD, Ahriman has 14 feats, and since his 3.5 version only had 10, I need to pick four of them.  Great Cleave was an obvious choice, since he had Power Attack and Cleave. Improved Natural Attack (claws) and Improved Natural Armor were other obvious choices; Ahriman really doesn’t need more AC, but it’s helpful, and the increase on his claws from a d8 to 2d6 kicks up his power a notch. Last but not least, I went with Toughness. Another Imp Nat Atk (for talons) would be broken, probably why Paizo changed it so you can only take the feat once, and more armor is pointless. Feel free to change it if you so desire; it bumps Ahriman to 499 hp, which amuses me.

Attacks: According to the Pathfinder rules, a creature’s primary natural attacks are at their full BAB and apply their full Str bonus to damage. Claw/Talon/Bite are all primary attacks, putting them at +37, with a full +10 bonus to damage.

Skills: Re-factoring his skills from 3.5 to Pathfinder drops some and boosts a few others, flat-lining them around +33 to +38. As a 27-HD outsider, Ahriman has 324 skill points, allowing for 12 skills maxed out at 27 skill points each. Outsider class skills give a trained bonus to Bluff, Knowledge (planes), Perception, Sense Motive, and Stealth; outsiders also get four “bonus” class skills, and I went with Fly, Intimidate, Knowledge (religion), and Spellcraft. Since Ahriman has a Fly speed, he gained the skill. In general, the skills I dropped were all Knowledge skills, which don’t usually come up in game and felt like filler to me.

CR: I kept the original CR of 22, though from all its feats and powerful special abilities it’s closer to CR 23 (or more).

In a quick comparison with a CR 20 Balor, Ahriman has far fewer attacks at less overall damage (lacking the vorpal sword/fire whip/Two Weapon Fighting and all), better DR and resistances, a slightly worse set of immunities (lacking electricity), an AC 10 higher, and about 130 more hp. Ahriman has fewer, but more powerful, spell-like abilities and qualities, and has the better special abilities, too: some powerful offense with double rend, the whole Deathless Maw thing, and can spam up a bunch of ghuls and divs. Ahriman’s defensive ability (venom aegis) deals a d6 Str damage, while a balor’s flaming body merely does a d6 fire damage; Ahriman’s aura is more powerful, though the balor’s 100-damage death throes is a powerful kicker.

Open Gaming License v1.0. Stats for Ahriman copyright Paizo Publishing, LLC; while “Ahriman” is a proper name, and therefore theoretically Product Identity, having a lengthy history in Persian culture probably negates that. Don’t sue me.

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