Wrong Side of the Art! – B-Movie Poster Emporium

Have a soft spot for trashy movies? And I mean, really, really trashy movies? We’re talkin’ Reefer Madness and the original Dawn of the Dead here, creature double features and I Spit On Your Grave. Needless to say, they’re one of my guilty pleasures, especially late-night around Halloween (/whistles); I don’t think I ever outgrew the Godzilla movies of my youth.

One of my recent finds has been this gem, Wrong Side of the Art!, a site hosting thousands of trashy movie posters. Every genre imaginable is covered, from horror and sf to a ridiculous number of subgenres with “-ploitation” in the name. If it’s an old-school film with camp, trash, lots of boobies and ‘sploisions, rest assured, you can find the posters.

And hi-res posters, at that: these things are friggin’ huge. Some of them are amazing, in terms of color and depth. There’s a good variety: posters of all kinds, lobby cards, even some screencaps from certain movies.

It’s comprehensive but not complete, and updates with some regularity. Definitely worth a stop.

A few examples…

These have all been shrunk, so they don’t bust my blog, but are linked to the fullsize versions.

Look at the level of color and detail right there. It’s got everything a ’50s horror movie poster requires: a horrible monster created by super-imposing a mundane animal, which is carrying off a helpless woman; a woman recoiling in horror; police attempting to fight it back; and the obligatory mob of frightened citizens. It’s amazing anyone lived in the Southwest during the 1950’s, since the region was isolated and ravaged by hungry insects.

The assortment of foreign posters is impressive. In many cases, they’re superior to the American releases (I’ll get to that in a sec); this case, not so much. While I love the movie (1954’s giant-radioactive-ant Them!), the posters all look terrible. I mean, seriously, bug-eyed-monsters should have bug-eyes, especially when they’re friggin’ bugs to begin with.

The movie, Atom Age Vampire, is a misnomer since it contains no real vampires, nor any Frankenstein monsters, but I’m pretty sure the kids and teens watching it wouldn’t care. Compare the poster with the American version; this one blows it out of the water.

Besides horror and sf, there’s a huge selection of trashy action movies that I’ve never heard of, like the one above. There are exploitation movies for everything: drugs, teenage gangs, womens’ prisons, juvenile delinquency, motorcycle thugs, adulteresses, prostitutes, drag racing, and more. You’ve probably heard of sexploitation and blaxploitation; what about Bruceploitation, Carsploitation, or Hicksploitation?

And the list of movies goes right up to the present day. While I would never call Akira trash, nor some other recent movies on the site, there are quite a few that deserve it. At the least, it’s nice to see the variety in some newer flicks before going back to the ’50s and ’70s.

As a bonus: a poster the site doesn’t have yet, but which some Google-fu produced from somewhere else.

I caught part of this one, Rocketship X-M, on a local late-night creature feature, and saw enough to know I wanted to see the rest. “First Voyage In Space” is a misnomer, as the film was beaten to the punch by Destination Moon, which set off the Space Age craze in movies. Heh. I’m sure the X-M marketing director was pleased.

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