Ghosts of Albion

It seems that the Gothic-London-with-steampunky-bits genre is the new thing these days.
Recently, I found out that Eden Studios has been making an RPG based off of the BBC’s animated underground hit “Ghosts of Albion.” Granted, I’ve never watched the webisodes, which is still available on the BBC to watch six years later (yes, those are Flash-based and crude), but I am pretty interested in Eden Studios. These are the guys who brought us All Flesh Must Be Eaten, the typical post-zombie-apocalypse game that helped start the rush, as well as Terra Primate (essentially planet of the apes, lower-cased to avoid copyright infringement), the Army of Darkness RPG, the Buffy and Angel RPG’s, and the last incarnation of Conspiracy X. (They also did C.J. Carella’s Witchcraft, but apparently nobody else has heard of it besides Reuben and a guy on a forum I used to visit.)

The animation involved two siblings who were fighting to keep evil at bay in Victorian England after the death of their father, a magician. Meeting many strange and interesting characters from British history, the pair manage to defeat the supernatural enemies of humanity and keep Britain the reigning superpower. (I guess they passed on sometime in the 1940’s.) So, to summarize, a Gothic London horror game using the same system as other interesting games so you can create the penultimate zombie-ninja-monkey-conspiracy game set in a Gothic London with horror elements.

It’s a bit small at 256 pages, and a bit costly at $40 USD, and there are reputed to be both .pdf and hardcover versions available.

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