Pulps Galore

Having already touched on cant a few weeks ago, and being in a very pulp-centric mood, here’s another dictionary link: the glossary of hardboiled slang. Yes, you too can now talk like Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, or the Continental Op, all in the comfort of your own roleplaying game (or home, or workplace, or wherever the hell you want to start chinning hardboiled dick speak). I personally find the linguistics of it very interesting, and it sure livens up any pulp game when you sprinkle in some rough-and-tumble street slang.

In addition, if you’re interested in learning more about pulps, then Pulpgen.com is the perfect place to start–they’ve got over a thousand pulp stories scanned and loaded, ranging from hardboiled detective, western, mystery, comedy, weird horror, science fantasy, adventure, sports, romance, and everything else under the sun. Most of the stories are westerns or detective potboiler mysteries, but there’s a nice bindle’s worth of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, if you’re not in the mood for realistic action and gunslingin‘ action.

There’s a few other sites out there that deal with pulp .pdf reprints. Age of Aces has a large number of the “sky captain” style stories, and there’s a French site with multi-lingual reprints of Captain Future issues. And there’s been a big movement to sell pulp stories in the past five years, from independent small publishers working with print-on-demand and low-print-run offerings, to the mass-market reprints of The Spider and The Shadow in your local Barnes & Noble. But, for the most part, Pulpgen is the only major site which offers a mass number of pulps free for all.

Now dust it before I pull my gat and fill you mugs with daylight.

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