Triple Ace Games

Despite the fact that everyone thinks the game line is hot, we still can’t seem to get around to running a Savage Worlds game–I’m too busy metagaming Pathfinder/D&D and Exalted to get around to Solomon Kane, and my roommate is slowly reneging on his pledged bet to run the Pirates of the Savage Main adventure he cooked up. (It’s now devolved into the “I guess I’ll drink a Forty before the game, and another during it” stage, which I assume is because of our early joking that we’d just take over the Turkish prison and turn it into a pirate base instead of merely escaping from it. We’re not that hard on the GM. Usually.)

Regardless, the crew has the habit of stopping, going “That’s great!” once or twice whenever a new Savage Worlds release is noted. Which is a damn shame, because Pinnacle just came out with some adventure hooks for Solomon Kane. Pretty much just three short adventures in the “more tales of horror” pulp-serial vein, but it’s a 32-page softcover for fifteen bucks, and that’s a lot of money these days. (Seriously, when you can get a dozen used Aberrant/AEon Trinity books on eBay for that much…)

Likewise, Triple Ace Games is spreading the disease through its slick lines of adventure supplements and source settings for Savage Worlds. Personally, I can’t really see the point of *paying* for Savage Worlds adventures, or adventures in general, but Triple Ace almost broke me of that habit. They’ve got a ton of Savage Worlds modules for sale, including a stack of “Daring Tales” two-fisted pulp adventures featuring enough Nazis, zeppelins, and missing scientists to kill a cow. At $7 per, they’re not a bad deal, and they sound slick enough. Triple Ace has a bundle of other adventures for the fantasy crowd, including a number for Sundered Skies and Necropolis 2350 (not to be confused with Unhallowed Metropolis).

Which brings us to their other offerings: settings. You see, the fine people at Triple Ace Games are the guys who brought us Sundered Skies, the post-apocalyptic fantasy world laden with (yes, you guessed it,) zeppelins and other cool things, as well as the Warhammer 40k-esque Necropolis, locking the players into a titanic crusade against the undead. I already mentioned Sundered Skies a while back; Necropolis, on the other hand, is a pretty nifty re-visitation to the old “zombie horde” cliche which is so popular these days, with only religious ferver and common arsenals of heavy artillery to allow man to fight back the swarm of extraterrestrial undead.

The company’s newest work, Hell Frost, is kind of like Sundered Skies in terms of apocalypse, only applied to a world-wide ice age caused by overabundant use of zeppelins. Ok, ok; it’s really about a world locked in struggle where the uncivilized frozen north hopes to overcome the temperate southern lands through its harsh winters migrating south. (Sadly, it has a severe zeppelin deficiency.) If you haven’t sensed a theme, Triple Ace’s mode for games is to base everything off the concept of being new and original, with the only two common threads being that the world involves some nightmarish apocalyptic scenario, and the players are part of a cataclysmic struggle by the good guys against whoever’s trying to eat them at the moment.

Unlike the “Daring” adventures, which are .pdf format only, you can get the setting books in hard copy. Hell Frost is due on early next year, and the other two are already kicking about someplace. (I’ve even seen Sundered Skies in gaming shops before, and the Buck Rogers pulp-styled Slipstream in a Barnes & Noble once.)

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