Book of Experimental Might – Monte Cook’s "last book"… Volume II.

Earlier this month, Monte Cook decided to take a break from writing his novels to do one final d20 supplement–the Book of Experimental Might. (I’m not surprised; I keep waiting for him to realize that game fiction not only pays for shit, but usually has the quality and substance of shit as well, at least in the eyes of many readers.) This is to be his “final book” for the d20 system, and deals with magic.

And magic aplenty. He introduces the new Runeblade class, and modifies the other Core spellcasting classes. Then come the new rules: new rules for healing spells, a new spell progression that takes spells from levels 1 to 20, new “active powers” gained through magical disciplines (sounds somewhat like 4e’s “spellcasters never run out of things to do”), and various new skill abilities. The book is also packed with new feats, spells, and some magic items, some taken from Cook’s Arcana worlds and some modified from the Core books.

Sadly, the book is only being offered as an 84-page .PDF file, which can be found on sites like DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, as I assume that White Wolf and its subsidiaries have halted production on d20 material. (Among other signs, the White Wolf store has been void of d20 products for a long time, and the last remnants were cleaned out during the big Winter 2007 sale.) While I’d rather have a hard copy, the variant rules are interesting enough, and well worth having—so, I guess a .PDF is better than nothing.

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