Return of Al-Qadim?

I recently discovered a small side-project of Wolfgang Baur’s, with other “old hats” Jeff Grubb and David “Zeb” Cook. As you might remember, these were the three guys responsible for most of the Al-Qadim boxed sets back in the days of 2nd Edition AD&D. (Al-Qadim was the wonderfully detailed Arabian Nights-esque setting which was loved by its smallish fan base. The actual continent of Al-Qadim, Zakhara, was part of the Forgotten Realms, and hasn’t really been seen since the mid-1990’s, except for a few fan homebrews and a couple of adventures.)

The thought of returning to Al-Qadim has always been high in my mind–it’s the main reason I haven’t put my 2nd Edition A&D books into storage, since I keep managing to find Al-Qadim box sets here and there, and would love to get an old-school Al-Qadim module going. It’s got an excellent feel to it, a very natural Arabian Nights tone, and since it’s south of Faerun you can just import some standard characters to show off the setting (instead of trying to thrust people into the dense Middle East fluff).

At the same time, this new book—Six Arabian Nights—is just that, six adventures and a detailed summary of the city as a campaign resource. Not terrible, but it’s only a drop in the ocean. Also, there’s no word on whether it’ll be 3.5 or 4.0…Wolfgang Baur hasn’t decided yet, which is fair enough, but all my interest for it relies on the crucial 3.5 title, since I already have the books for it and aren’t planning on upgrading.

While you’re at the site, look around a bit more. Wolfgang Baur recently launched his own magazine titled “Kobold Quarterly,” which Erik Mona has called the spiritual successor to Dragon. It’s got Baur doing monthly articles, as well as stuff from “Zeb” Cook and Ed Greenwood, among other top industry names. It’s got an “ecology of” section, along with several other Dragon magazine article types, and all in all looks pretty good. You can pick up a hard copy for $7.99 at, or a $5.99 .PDF at the Kobold Quarterly website. (I still have to get a copy, but it looks good enough that I’ll grab a hard copy ASAP.)

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