Being a gamer means wanting more shinies than you have monies for.

Of course, that should be obvious. A miniatures game with a distinct dieselpunk theme, set in an alternate Earth involving an alien invasion above a Cold War backdrop?

Plus there’s the fact that they are the same size and scale as Starship Troopers, and therefore Battlefield Evolution as well, there’s a lot of interest in making some linked RPG-based game with all the various minis games. *sigh*

In fact, I’d like to say we put too much thought into a linked game. Far too much thought.


The armed forces of the world at move, as the ultra-tech militaries engage one another in the hotspots of the world. One such hotspot, Kerakhistan, is a Middle Eastern state caught in upheaval. Heavy fighting has erupted, with China, Russia, the Middle-East Alliance, and others compete for dominance in the resource-rich failed state. As the U.S. Marines and European QRF troops respond to this state of emergency, a planar vortex rips the time-space continuum asunder as hordes of rampaging warriors are chucked into Kerakhistan—the people of another Earth, out of time, and the deadly extraterrestrial invaders assaulting them.

Now, the various factions stand in the middle of total war. Extraterrestials, now invading Earth—one Earth—for the third time. But for what reason? What lies buried in the Kerakhistanian oil fields that these otherworldly beings could want? The forces of the other Earth—Earth that was, Earth that could, Earth that has yet to be? And what of the political machinations, as each state tries to bring both Kerakhistan’s resources *and* the astounding new technology of the outsiders under its fold?

Just imagine.

Yes, we are big damn dorks for wanting dieselpunk meets space opera meets near-future military sim action. It’s probably a byproduct of watching too much anime.

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