D&D Bestiaries

I think the acronym stands for Dumb & Dumberer some times.

Not that any seasoned D&D player needs this list, but I was recently forwarded the ultimate list of ultimate supidity (in terms of D&D monsters). It’s good for a chuckle, especially since most of the dumb buggers listed tend to hit the D&D jokes with extreme regularity (for example, if you read Order of the Stick you’ll note that Flumphs are the big white tentacle things the party keeps falling on).

For the record, I can attest to the existence of most of these–not just the aforementioned Flumph, but a score of other stupids as well. Like, I have the Dragon magazine the Duckbunny and Armadillaphant came from, and I’ve been waiting a while for someone to dig into the Wolf-In-Sheep’s-Clothing from my 1st Edition AD&D Monster Manual II. Honestly, I’m surprised he left out the Land Shark/Bulette (Candygram) and half of the original Fiend Folio. And thank God he didn’t go after the Creature Collections or we’d be doomed for sure.

Yep, great monster design is a stellar asset for getting new people into D&D. We need more orcs with head panties, I tell you what.

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