New Savage Worlds

One of my favorite RPG’s still in publication, Savage Worlds, is getting a few more savage worlds in the near future. After their big license deals with WizKids for the Pirates of the Caribbean RPG, and the deal that landed them the rights to Robert E. Howard’s Savage Tales of Solomon Kane, Pinnacle (and Savage Worlds) has been growing in quality and popularity.

With Solomon Kane finally making it to the stands (I had Reuben pick me up one of the shiny signed copies at GenCon), I was wondering where they’d go from there. They’re not disappointing me. I noticed two of their upcoming releases–Sundered Skies and Slipstream–in a Studio 2 catalog a few weeks back, and they look pretty damn good–I’ve been drooling over the ads for a while now.

Sundered Skies, in standard Savage Worlds style, is combining its genres again in an orgy of coolness–this time, it’s a fantasy game with a lot of post-apocalyptic, steampunk, and pulp themes thrown in. The ad depicts the book cover, with a bunch of fantasy races standing in a flying boat over some dusty desert-like terrain. Nifty. The teasers make it sound damn interesting:

The Sundered Skies began where every other world will end. Armageddon.

Now islands orbit one another in a fathomless void where exposure to the eternal light can warp even a saint into a bestial savage. Sailors navigate this void in skyships, risking death from terrible beasts, pirates or necromantic death barges to bring water, food and more to resource-starved islands. Scavengers brave unknown dangers in ruins, hoping to discover ancient relics or valuable salvage.

The survivors of the sundering are secretive dwarves, doomed elves, vilified orcs, humans, enslaved wildlings, mysterious glowborn and dragon-blessed drakin. They must work together in an uneasy and imposed peace to survive the harsh world they find themselves in.

But, there is a secret, a secret that even the gods themselves have sought to forget. Soon a band of adventurers will discover that secret and the skies, and everything within, will be in the deadliest of peril.

For soon the Skies could be sundered all over again!

However, the only thing I could find online was this site with a different ad; it’s got some nifty information about the world and everything so it’s worth a look. According to the guys on the Pinnacle forums, that’s just a placeholder cover. I also found this preview .PDF digging around on the Pinnacle site, which also has an ad for Necropolis (note that Sundered Skies is coming up on being one year behind schedule–not a bad thing, given Pinnacle’s recent popularity and boom in quality, going for medium black-and-white books to massive full-color monsters).

Slipstream, on the other hand, is even harder to find info for, besides the one ad I’ve seen. Most of the threads mentioning it were even deleted from the Pinnacle forums–weird. Anyways, it’s supposed to be this retro-pulp game in the theme and design of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, and others. It looks pretty awesome as well, but it’s kind of distressing with next to no info available for it. Yet another case of RPG Limbo, as it was briefly mentioned in the first printings of the Savage Worlds core books.

Both books look to be hardcovers with the basic Savage Worlds rules in them, so you can run the game right out of the box (though, if the Solomon Kane and Pirates books serve as examples, the rules will be slanted towards the specific setting/world, as opposed to general rules–still, that’s better than nothing). The ads say they’re 144 pages each, and are listed with an MSRP $29.99.

For those interesting in Savage Worlds, there’s still a bunch of great settings from Back in the Day to be had. I highly recommend people look up Necessary Evil, Tour of Darkness, Evernight, Rippers, and 50 Fathoms, some of the coolest RPG settings ever to be published. Plus, the most recent edition of Savage Worlds–Explorers’ Edition, which isn’t so much a new rules set as it is a minor errata and art fix–costs a mere $9.99, a great price for a complete game.

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